Riesling wines from the Rüdesheimer Berg

Wines from the UNESCO World Heritage Site

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"The Upper Middle Rhine Valley"

The Rüdesheimer Berg is a vineyard of extremes. Slipping out from behind the shadows of the ancient castle ruins of Ehrenfels, our rows of vines tumble down the steep southern slopes toward the Rhine. The stony quartzite soil of the Taunus Mountain is mixed with slate. Isolated sheets of rock pronounce themselves here and there throughout the vineyard. No other place in the Rheingau is blessed with as many hours of sunshine. We cultivate our grapes in the three most renowned vineyards: Berg Schlossberg, Berg Roseneck and Berg Rottland. Records of this last vineyard have been traced as far back as 1031.

It was a whim of nature which caused the Rhine River to change its course and turn to the west, creating one of the best winegrowing regions in the world. At the foot of the Rüdesheimer Berg, where "the Rhine River at its breakthrough to the north has cultivated one of Germany’s magnificent vineyards"(Hugh Johnson), the Rhine broadens to become almost lake-like. Protected by the hills from the north, the steep southern-facing slopes become a natural mirror, reflecting the sun onto the vines. Nestled in this glow of light, you will find our grapes growing.

Riesling wines from the Rüdesheimer Berg, the steepest vineyards in the Rheingau

Elegance and finesse, mineral flavors and a delicate tartness: Dr. Nägler Rieslings. Our premium sweet wines are fruity and spicy, reminiscent of exotic fruits. The Ausleses and Beerenausleses mature slowly and richly, a true drinking pleasure for decades. As Ernst Moritz Arndt wrote, "Among all of the wines of the Rhine River, those from Rüdesheim are the most powerful, the richest, the densest, and when matured, the most expensive.”

Quality-conscious vineyard care

We harvest only the healthy, fully-ripened grapes, as only the best fruit can turn into the best wines. Meticulous, yet moderate, vineyard care preserves our precious soils. We limit the yield to ensure that the vine can give the fruit the best of everything it needs. In autumn the juicy, ripened grapes are hand-picked, so only the choicest fruit is pressed.

Quality starts in the vineyard, guaranteed by the owner’s personal dedication.

Wine estate with tradition

The Dr. Nägler wine estate has been cultivating and creating Riesling wines for six generations. Proof of our ancestor Friedrich Nägler as owner of vineyards in the Rüdesheimer Berg can be found in one of the oldest town registers dating back to 1826. Since then the family has been passing down the knowledge, culture and passion for wine to each new generation. Today the estate is run by Tilbert Nägler, Dipl. Ing. (FH).

Riesling is our main grape variety, covering 90% of our 21 acres of vineyards.

Our selection is enhanced by a smaller amount of Pinot Noir and Pinot Blanc. The oldest vineyard of our estate was planted in 1974.

For hundreds of years Rüdesheim has been a central visiting point for tourists traveling on the Rhine. The first travelers came by carriage or ship or rode through the vineyards on donkeys.

Please come and cast off with us for a wine-tasting aboard a Rhine ship or join us on a guided walking tour through the vineyards of Rüdesheim or enjoy a wine-tasting in our 19th century estate house.

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